Clarify your intentions to call forth your dreams

The minds behind the Intention coins

Jenny Kierstead, a published author, teacher and recipient of the RBC Woman of Influence Award and Women of Excellence Award, has known both devastating failure and great success. At the age of 8, Jenny covered her bedroom wall with images of legendary basketball players and at 16 fulfilled her dream of being a top Canadian athlete. Shortly thereafter, she experienced a series of traumatic events that lead to a decade long, life-threatening battle with anorexia. 

Having been burned down to the bones, Jenny knows what it’s like to start over and re-story one’s life. Her ability to leverage the power of intention has been instrumental in her recovery from an eating disorder and it’s also been the fuel behind her current life success as an entrepreneur, writer, spiritual teacher and mother of two healthy girls. 

These intention coins and her meditations have been designed with the hope that you too can access the same universal power of intention to achieve your dreams and live your life on purpose. 

Blair Abbass, MEd, MA, an award winning educator and therapist, has dedicated his life to helping people set intentions and live their life purpose. His mother was his first teacher in positive thinking, as she demonstrated how to live joyfully with a terminal diagnosis. Told she had five years to live in her 40’s, Ebe surpassed her medical teams’ predictions, enjoying almost 20 more years of adventure, laughter and living life to the fullest. 

Blair’s hallmark approach to life has always been to stay focused on the end goal, work hard, and enjoy the journey. The intention coins are a physical manifestation of this winning attitude. Having had his share of setbacks, Blair truly is a living example of what’s possible when you don’t give up, but keep your eye on the prize and believe in yourself.

May the intention coins and their meditations on abundance, health, love and spirituality, propel you into the life you’ve always dreamed of, powered by vision, passion and faith.